Legendary Royale: Clash Royale Private Server

LEGENDARY ROYALE is a private server of Clash Royale. This Clash Royale Private Server is hosted on a dedicated server that supports millions of players worldwide with high stability and speed without losing any connections or encountering lag or server security issues.

Legendary Royale is a powerful Emulated VPS server that is error free and is always online 24/7, 365 days of the year. The server is very stable and all the connections to the server are very strong and powerful. So, you don’t have to worry about connection lost.

You will also get full support of Legendary Royale staff and team. So if you encounter any issues, Just don’t worry, relax and state your problem to Legendary Royale team using Facebook or Whatsapp. Your issues will be solved in a very short time.

LEGENDARY ROYALE is a private server of Clash Royale

Legendary Royale Server is also free to download and install on Android and iOS for everyone. You don’t have to buy anything in Clash Royale in-app purchases, as all the cards arenas will be already unlocked with 99999999 Clash Royale Gems and Gold available, the moment you log-in into your account.

Legendary Royale also contains a lot of Custom Clash Royale Mods, to cards and arenas. These Mods are a lot of fun when you play Legendary Royale with friends and family. Legendary Royale is also optimized for smartphones for fluid graphic play.

Legendary Royale APK is also compatible with Android and iOS due to its dual APK and IPA. This dual Legendary Royale APK is also compatible with original Clash Royale game. so, you can run Legendary Royale and Clash Royale on the same devices simultaneously.



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