CLASH OF IMMORTALS is a COC Private Server, that has a lot of Mods, Unlimited Upgrades to Heroes, Troops and Builder Hall. These features make CLASH OF IMMORTALS-the best COC private server and takes the COC gameplay to a whole new futuristic level.

When you DOWNLOAD CLASH OF IMMORTALS COC PRIVATE SERVER, you will find yourself loaded with all the unique and special features of COC Game. CLASH OF IMMORTALS game also provides unlimited Clan Wars, alliances, challenges and fun mods to Heroes, Troops and Villages. You can enjoy friendly battles, PVP game mode and Clan Wars, while receiving latest updates from COL CLASH OF IMMORTALS.

CLASH OF IMMORTALS has a DUAL APK and IPA Client for Android and iOS. The specifications of dual IPA and APK for iOS and Android is that, it has the best COC support, less size and easy to download and install feature on any device-without rooting or jailbreaking. Its completely safe, stable, updated and even support PC using emulators like BLUESTACKS.

CLASH OF IMMORTALS is a COC Private Server

So, when you download and install CLASH OF IMMORTALS PRIVATE SERVER on Android and iOS-you will be guaranteed for unlimited elixir, gold and dark elixir in your account. You can then use these unlimited resources to upgrade your custom fun heroes and troops to play with your friends and PVP mode on the best CLASH OF CLANS private server, Clash of Immortals. You can also advance to the latest and upgraded town hall 12 in hours.

Clash of immortals is totally free to download and play. There are no limitations on number of purchases and you can buy as many COC free gems as you like-and you can also buy any card and buildings just with a click without waiting or spending any money.

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